Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kick me while Im down

I was going through mail on another account I have and got a new email today from Gerber (baby food company). It was all about my 14 month old (which if you know my story we lost him to stillbirth). I have not got one of these emails in months and now all of a sudden when I'm having a hard time I get this email telling me all about what to expect during his 14 month.

I hate this. Its no ones fault of course but really it always seems to kick us while we are already down. This of course cant happen on a good week when its easy to hit the delete button and pass it off. Instead it happens when we are having a hard time, and it has to remind of of all we don't have and then things we should be looking forward to.

Its no different than those darn formula samples that come a few weeks after you deliver your baby. Its sucks but it is what it is. I wish the hospitals had some way of sending a message to all the things we sign up for as expectant parents. Letting them no not to send that crap.

We as parents living through grief just wish the world would stop and understand without us having a say a word. But sadly that is not the case. The world is not going to stop, people are not going to be sympathetic and understand our needs and wants. I wish it could be easier for us all.

Well I guess I'm off to respond this email saying "please don't send any more"

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