Saturday, May 30, 2009

That nagging feeling

I hate when you get those nagging feelings. Today I was on facebook and they have a new circle of moms thing I was invite to. Well being the mom of 3 other boys I joined it. As soon as I did I got an invitation to join specific parts of the groups.

One for February 2009 and then February 2008 popped up. I was trying to figure out who sent it. I have no clue but then that nagging feeling popped up.

I wasn't sure what to do a big part of me wanted to click accept invitation. Then another part didn't because I knew that Id be overwhelmed. Well of course if your on this journey you know what I did. I hit accept.

As soon as I did their group popped up. Its all about the things their 14-15 month old are doing. Asking questions about advice for certain things. This part sucks. Another reminder of all those things I'm missing out on.

Of course I only have myself to blame. I think I'm going to do what my counselor suggested last week and sit and think of what Ethan would be like today. Ill just take some time to sit and dream and wonder.

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